Stop Online Shaming believes that online privacy breaches and related online unlawful statements should be resolved quickly and effectively. The position of victims must be improved. For instance: unlawful online expressions such as revenge porn, shame sexting, cyberbullying, hate or hurtful content directed at individual victims and related identity theft and fake expressions such as deep fake and deepnudes.

Online shaming can have major consequences. Such as: laughter and harassment, damage to reputation, problems in the private sphere, social isolation, loss of work, fears and depression. In extreme cases it has even led to suicide. An additional problem is that the victims themselves are often blamed for what happened to them (also known as victim blaming).

Police and justice often do nothing, or too little, or they do not act quickly enough. While rapid action is essential to prevent the material from spreading like an oil slick online. Stop Online Shaming is all about picking up reports faster, and making sure that embarrassing content is immediately taken offline. Among other things by lobbying for better legislation and regulation. But there are more possibilities.

Victims often do not know that civil justice can provide a rapid solution. But the thresholds are high. Those who cannot find a specialist lawyer and have no financial resources are left empty-handed. Stop Online Shaming stands up for these victims and helps them to get justice by legal means.


Stop Online Shaming conducts strategic lawsuits, such as collective actions and test cases, against online privacy breaches and related online unlawful statements. Stop Online Shaming stands up for those affected, even if their identity is not known. The aim is to create case law that strengthens the position of victims.

The mission of Stop Online Shaming is to remove barriers for victims within procedures of self-regulation, civil law and criminal law.

The purpose of Stop Online Shaming is to initiate (legal) proceedings to:

  • take offline privacy breaches and unlawful statements made online soon as possible;
  • prevent such content from being offered online again;
  • ensure that perpetrators cannot hide behind false names or anonymity.



On 1 April 2020, the Court handed down an interlocutory judgment, after which the proceedings were prosecuted. No other interest groups have joined this court case. In July 2020, Evolve Media sent a written procedural document to the Court on the admissibility of the two plaintiffs, who replied in writing in August 2020. In collective cases, it is customary for the Court to assess the admissibility first. Subsequently, the substance of the claims made by the plaintiffs will be debated.


The writ of summons against Evolve Media (vagina.nl) was registered in the Central Register of Collective Actions on 27 February 2020. The proceedings have been brought before the District Court of Amsterdam, which will decide on the subsequent procedural steps on 27 May 2020.


The Stop Online Shaming Foundation, together with Helpwanted.nl, starts a lawsuit against the website Vagina.nl, which exploits nude images without the consent of the people in the image. Especially when using hidden cameras, people don’t even know they have been filmed. With this lawsuit plaintiffs want to make it clear that it is not allowed to put nude images on the internet without permission of everyone who is in the picture.

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For media enquiries: Willem van Lynden 06-26788038


The board of Stop Online Shaming consists of four people:

  • Sannette Naeyé – Chairman

Sannette was director of Cinekid. She currently works as a consultant and expert in the field of media and culture.

  • Carina van Eck – Vice-President

Carina was a member of the Netherlands Institute for Human Rights and is currently a judge at the Amsterdam District Court, criminal law sector.

  • Henk Boeke – secretary

Henk is the founder and former director of Parents Online. He is currently active for the Platform for the Protection of Civil Rights and on the Advisory Committee of Nicam/Kijkwijzer.

  • Willem van Lynden – treasurer

Willem is the founder of Mediamaze, an organisation that advises on online reputation management and offers support in applying the right of forgetting.


The board members receive no remuneration for their work.

Stop Online Shaming was founded in October 2019. The statutory name is ‘Stichting Stop Online Shaming’. The foundation is not for profit. The statutory objective is as follows: “The objective of the foundation is to promote the interests of victims of online privacy infringements and online unlawful communications, in particular by enforcing, promoting and obtaining adequate legal protection of the rights and interests of those victims, all in the broadest sense of the word.”

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You can also contribute to the crowdfunding campaign ‘Not without my permission’. With this you support the court case of Stichting Online Shaming and Helpwanted.nl against the website Vagina.nl, which exploits nude images without the consent of the people whose images are used.


Boekx Advocaten is the legal partner of Stop Online Shaming. Boekx Advocaten has pro bono facilitated the incorporation Stop Online Shaming.

The Boomerang Agency contributed free of charge to the creation of the Stop Online Shaming logo and visuals.

The Stop Online Shaming Foundation was incorporated pro bono by civil-law notary Jan Schouten of Fieldfisher.

For advice on online sexual abuse, please contact Helpwanted.nl.


Stop Online Shaming

Mail address: Stadionweg 76, 1077 SP Amsterdam

e-mail: info@stoponlineshaming.org
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RSIN-number: 860499017

Bank account: IBAN: NL 48 BUNQ 2041 2667 16

For urgent problems and advice on online sexual abuse you can contact Helpwanted.nl.

For media enquiries: Willem van Lynden +31626788038

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